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M-Commerce made easy

M-Commerce made easy

With the rise of mobile penetration, brands are trying to tap into M-commerce, but finding a seamless user experience has been difficult to achieve.
A start-up named Clover may have found a solution. They’ve created a one-click mobile application payment system which only requires entering your phone number and a PIN to authenticate the user and purchase.

Why it matters

Perhaps this solution is not the panacea for m-commerce, but it seems to take the right direction by easing its use and simplifying security. How could this innovation be used by brands to open new streams of trading?

Financial Services
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The biggest financial institution in Portugal – state-owned bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos – has teamed up with Microsoft to launch a web portal accessible to blind users and people with impaired mobility. CGD are the first bank to launch a universally accesible website, and as a result, are likely to attract a new group of clients previously excluded from this type of service.

Financial Services
Banks rebuild trust

Italian bank Intesa Sanpaulo has sponsored film-makers Ermanno Olmi, Gabriele Salvatores and Paolo Sorrentino to produce ‘Per Fidula’ (meaning ‘Through Trust’), a series of short films exploring the theme of trust. The morale-boosting shorts are not direct plugs for Intesa Sanpaolo, who just have a mention in the closing credits.

Financial Services