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M-Commerce made easy

M-Commerce made easy

With the rise of mobile penetration, brands are trying to tap into M-commerce, but finding a seamless user experience has been difficult to achieve.
A start-up named Clover may have found a solution. They’ve created a one-click mobile application payment system which only requires entering your phone number and a PIN to authenticate the user and purchase.

Why it matters

Perhaps this solution is not the panacea for m-commerce, but it seems to take the right direction by easing its use and simplifying security. How could this innovation be used by brands to open new streams of trading?

Financial Services
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Financial Services
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Microcredit company Fair Finance in the UK is the first in Europe to secure financing from commercial banks to expand its business model. credit and payment solutions for exporting companies, limiting the risks of business abroad, helping the country to reduce its deficit. But will this campaign be enough to restore the public confidence in financial institutions and banks - widely perceived as being accountable for the crisis?

Financial Services
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