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The loo roll exhibit

The loo roll exhibit

Is a positive brand experience in a public toilet possible? Creators of the Black Toilet Tissue Renova have launched a new public toilet concept to showcase their products and enrich their brand image. It costs 50 cents to use the facilities but once inside you can pick the tissue paper in the colour of your liking, browse an art gallery and buy Renova products.   

Why it matters

The simplicity of the idea is laudable. If you sell toilet paper, why not advertise and sell it in a public toilet? But the scale on which it was done could only be achieved by a brand that has managed to associate itself with celebrities and glamour, which is rather odd for a product such as toilet paper. What out-of-the box places could be turned into proper brand experience platforms? And what products could be glamourised?

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A home that Tweets its owner via Twitter if a light’s been left on, if someone’s at the door or if energy consumption is higher than usual has been unveiled by Dr Andy Stanford-Clark. The IBM employee has hooked up his home to the micro-blogging site by fitting wireless sensors that automatically tweet him if changes are detected. The house can also be controlled using his mobile phone, meaning he can regulate what goes on within his house anywhere around the world.

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The Austrian builders Kallco and WBV-GPA are supporting the city of Vienna and its plans of constructing Europe’s biggest passive house-settlement, Eurogate. The plans ensure high quality indoor air, low carbon products and water-saving instruments that are all designed to create the perfect ecological indoor living environment.

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