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Local microcredit

Local microcredit

The Russian post office has launched a new financial product for consumers. They can get a microcredit loan (between $100-200 USD) in any post office branch simply by presenting a piece of identification.

Why it matters

Microcredit is something that has really taken off in underdeveloped countries and is usually associated with business development. Will this niche offering attract local customers considering the small amounts loaned?

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Financial Services
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Italian designer Roberto Cavalli has launched his first credit card in collaboration with Berlin-based Corpcom. The card works like any other but provides users with many benefits when it comes to shopping: VIP treatment in his boutiques, special discounts, tickets to events and fashion shows, as well as exclusive beauty and travel offers.

Financial Services
Gen-Y designs its own bank branch

To understand the growing Gen Y segment, DBS bank in Singapore decided to ask them what they wanted from their banking experience by creating the ‘I designed a bank’ competition. The winning designs included cutting-edge 24-hr banking services and a dynamic space that transforms from a day banking lounge into a youth hangout at night. DBS will be incorporating elements from the various design submissions into a special youth branch, set to open in 2011. 

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