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Like this lick of paint

Like this lick of paint

Paint company Cin developed a Facebook app named Colour Maker and invited fans to collaborate and create a selection of new colours for the brand. The brand then launched a catalogue of the top 25 colours with information about their creator and where the new colours could be purchased.

Why it matters

The marketing of paint brands can be rather straightforward. However, this app makes the most of people who use paints beside big companies: artists or DIY lovers who like to personalise their homes and spaces. By letting the customers define the trends and crowdsourcing consumer likes, the brand managed to get insightful market research. Which other brands could open up their organisations and R&D to produce more collaborative commerce?

House & Home
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“Keret House”, planned by Jakub Szczesny, will be the narrowest residence in Warsaw. The triangle-shaped house spans three levels and is suspended between two existing buildings above the alley below. The total habitable space is 14,5 square meters.

House & Home
In bed with IKEA

To promote its mattress range Sultan, IKEA has launched a lottery called “In bed with IKEA”. The 40 winners were invited to a special night at a Parisian music hall. Installed on king size beds, they were offered a 100% Swedish experience: a symphonic concert of Abba songs and an exclusive screening of the last two parts of the Millennium movie trilogy.

House & Home