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Legal fare dodging

Legal fare dodging

Launched in January, Promobilletes sells  public transportation tickets in Barcelona at discounted rates of 10 to 50 per cent thanks to sponsorship from advertisers.
As well as benefiting travellers, the brands sponsoring the tickets gain exposure on the Promobilletes website and can send personalized notes out with the tickets to travellers making purchases.
Promobilletes brings commuters respite from increasing ticket prices while giving advertisers an opportunity to generate considerable exposure.

Why it matters

Sponsorship in this case is a win-win solution, as commuters and advertisers alike reap a benefit. It’s a great strategy to demonstrate brand compromise with consumers. Can you think of ways how your brand can gain more visibility by providing a useful service to your consumers?

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Financial Services
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Building up social credit

MasterCard is hoping to improve its platform MarketPlace by integrating it within Facebook. 

By inviting customers to connect to its Facebook profile, they will be able to offer personalised shopping recommendations to users. Also, customers will be able to share their activity on the platform with friends and hopefully increase the credit company’s database.

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Financial Services
Bank gets a fashion makeover

The financial service institution Paylife and the Austrian magazine “Woman” together have launched a “Woman credit card” which gives credit in a number of fashionable stores.

Financial Services