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Kiss and make up with Chanel

Kiss and make up with Chanel

Iconic fashion brand Chanel is offering its website users and Facebook fans the possibility of sending a ‘rouge Coco kiss’ to someone special virtually. Each letter of the message is designed using Chanel’s products to create a chic note.

Why it matters

Using makeup is a form of expression which is deeply personal and can say a lot about who you are. What other products have this type of extension where by you can express a message to others using the brand as the vehicle?

Fashion & Design
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Fashion & Design
Wearable packaging

“Furoshiki” is a century old Japanese technique to wrap things up in a cloth in an artful way for transport. Now even the Japanese Ministry of Environment promotes this technique to reduce waste and it has found its way to the Western hemisphere too. Soap brand “Lush” already offers to wrap their goods the Furoshiki way.

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