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Keep on changing!

Keep on changing!

“What Happens When” is a temporary restaurant installation that transforms every 30 days for 9 months. Customers can suggest any kind of installation.

Why it matters

 An improvising approach for an improvised era, where time goes speed and people have to go faster than ever. Is that a new way of thinking durable ‘goods’, as a house or a restaurant, as a new kind of fmcg?

Stores & Spaces
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The biggest chain of hypermarkets in Portugal, a benchmark in the food retail sector in the country, just launched a new  tool in its website, the online paediatrician. This is where the most well-known and respected Portuguese paediatricians answer (in small video recordings) some of parents’ most frequently asked questions.

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Stores & Spaces
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Just nine traditional fashion shows took place during this season’s Stockholm Fashion Week, a fifth of the number that took place during the previous year. Instead, brands seem to be trying to find more innovative and cost-effective ways of promoting themselves – such as sending models out onto the streets or into cafés and exhibitions.

Stores & Spaces