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Imagining better ways of selling on TV

Imagining better ways of selling on TV

Brands can now add a tag to the commercials they broadcast on national French TV channel, Tf1. Depending on its colour, the tag means the brand either offers a discount, complementary information or is engaged in a sustainable development process. The consumer has to visit the dedicated website (tf1conso.fr) to find out more.

Why it matters

TV commercials are going to be more and more interactive thanks to internet. How about extending this kind of services to TV shows, to deliver more information or give more sale opportunities to a product placement?

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What color of wallpaper should be shown behind a sofa on a furniture retailer’s website?  Well, according to research, the color green makes consumers more sensitive to price, while blue wallpaper makes consumers more sensitive to comfort. We’ve had years to refine in-store marketing techniques; from layout and displays, to lighting, sounds - even the smells that make us want to buy.  Now, the brain research behind in-store marketing has found a place online, and neuromarketing firms that specialize in how we choose what to click are seeing big business. Research also found that when consumers compared two items, they opted for the less expensive option.  But when a third, more expensive item was shown on the page, consumers increased the amount they were willing to spend.

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