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IKEA goes (way) larger than life

IKEA goes (way) larger than life

IKEA is extending its affordable-chic furniture empire by building a privately-owned neighbourhood of affordable home rentals, condos, town homes, office spaces, and a hotel - all built and furnished entirely in the IKEA brand. People in the London area can then rent the units from IKEA, who will continue to own the 27-acre space and maintain the buildings, parks, and public areas.

Why it matters

Megabrands are stepping out of their boundaries - in this case, a retail store - by fully integrating the brand into daily life without slapping a logo over it. By breaking into new categories (like development), IKEA is bringing the brand ethos of affordable chic furnishing to life in a way that is permanent, practical, and very bold. How might other large master brands begin to reinforce themselves in consumer lifestyles by sponsoring innovative projects outside of their territory? Where are there opportunities for smaller brands to create and sponsor branded ‘lifestyle experiences’ that allow consumers co-ownership?

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House & Home
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