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How much was that Messi goal worth?

How much was that Messi goal worth?

The German weekly newspaper ‘Die Zeit’ published an online calculator and infographic generator that shows the management efficiency of various football clubs. For example, it calculates how much a goal in the Premier League costs or how much a single successful pass is worth by taking the club’s spending budget into account.

Why it matters

The online calculator gives all stakeholders a simple and transparent overview on how well clubs manage their money. Nonprofit and and non-governmental organisations have been used to this type of scrutiny, but could such a tool make your brand more accountable and ultimately raise trust with your customers?

Financial Services
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Financial Services
Business-like banking fits the bill

E-billing (www.e-rechnung.at) is a new service provided by PostFinance (Yellowbill) and the Swiss banks (Paynet) that gives consumers complete control over bill payments by adopting an online invoicing system. Invoices appear in the consumer’s e-billing mailbox and can be checked and modified before releasing payment. If you are not completely happy with the invoice it can be declined.

Financial Services