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Houses can go backwards

Houses can go backwards

After many months without finding a buyer for his home, David Garcia decided to launch tupisoporuneuro.com , where potential buyers can bid for his house via reverse auction. The bids have a minimum of 1 euro and a maximum of 150 euros and the winner is whoever makes the lowest bid that is not repeated. The scheme works by charging bidders per bid allowing the operator to recoup the cost of the property and auction process.

Why it matters

The reverse auction trend has been buoyant for some time now, and now it appears to be property’s moment. As more and more buyers struggle to enter the market, will auctions become a route to affordable housing? What will this mean for property marketing on the whole? 

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Wallbots are an innovation in housing technologies. They are user responsive robotic partition walls that communicate with each other. They can move, resize and join together to create different sized spaces and accommodate different room functions.


They also collect real-time information such as temperature, light and time of the day, while analysing the routine and behaviour of their user, taking information from their social networks.

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Many American senior citizens detest the thought of moving into a nursing home. But their children aren’t quite ready to have them move in with them either. The Rev. Kenneth Dupin has solved this dilemma with “Granny Pods” or “MEDCottages” – mini mobile homes you can park in your backyard and hook up to your utilities.

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