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House squeeze

House squeeze

“Keret House”, planned by Jakub Szczesny, will be the narrowest residence in Warsaw. The triangle-shaped house spans three levels and is suspended between two existing buildings above the alley below. The total habitable space is 14,5 square meters.

Why it matters

This project proves that any space can be transformed into a habitable residence. In tough economic times, does this demonstrate how we can reinvent spaces to make them useful homes. What does this mean for the demands on home furniture and furnishings to find innovative space-saving solutions?

House & Home
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Lockitron is a system that controls your house access by locking or unlocking your door from your smartphone. Once installed on your door, you can control the keyless entry thanks to the app via an online connection, no matter where you are in the world. Lockitron also allows you to create profiles for people you want to give access to on a regular basis. The system also works with basic text messaging.

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House & Home
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MijnStudent (my student) is a Dutch company started by former students, which delivers student helpers to do small house jobs (garden, assemble IKEA furniture or cleaning). They fill the gap between DIY and a professional service. And because it’s cheap, it’s a good and legal alternative to moonlighters.

House & Home