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Hitting back against domestic voilence

Hitting back against domestic voilence

Ni pute ni soumise is a social organization working against violence to women, that has launched an interesting campaign. It has created a fake version of the hyped website Chatroulette. The fourth video that is shown to a viewer is that of a woman who gets beaten by her boyfriend. After the video comes the tagline "You can't do anything for her. But if it happens to your sister, your neighbour or your friend, take action."

Why it matters

Social cause advertising has always been about getting in front of audiences, disrupting them as they go about their real life and creating impact. Ni pute ni soumise uses social media as part of this trend to get consumers to experience their cause as part of ‘real virtual life’. How else can online and live content open new doors for social cause hijack?

Social Cause
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The Extraordinaries iPhone app is the latest example of crowd-sourcing for the common good. Using this app, folks with five minutes or less to spare, can log in and help out at the click of a button. Whether it’s tagging images for a local museum or taking photos of the street you’re on for the city planner, it’s all about giving what you can, when you can.

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A reality show with a difference – Mujaddidun or “The Revivers”, challenges teams of men and women to compete against each other, in order to promote ‘development through faith’ for different social causes such as helping orphans, the poor and reintegrating prisoners into society. In true reality show fashion, the poorest performing member of the group is eliminated at the end of each task.  On the other hand, the winner will be awarded €200,000, 80% of which will be donated to a charity of their choice.

Social Cause
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