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Here comes the sun, and the holidaymaker

Here comes the sun, and the holidaymaker

In the Netherlands, the sunny months are limited to May and September. This is why many Dutch people book a holiday and destination based on the likeliness of sunshine. A travel agency has tapped into this insight by allowing consumers to search for their next holiday destination based on the possibility of sunshine and the average temperature.

Why it matters

This company have built an application making it really easy to filter results based on unconventional search categories. How else, and where else, can we leverage freely available data to provide insights to customers and help them cut through the seemingly endless amount of choice?

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Travel & Tourism
From Portugal with love

A Portuguese digital photo album company created a campaign based on Angela Merkel's visit to Portugal in November. The campaign consisted of producing a gift basket with the country's best products, a photo album and a letter inviting the Chancellor to return. The idea was to publicise Portugal as “ The Best Destination” and the aim was to create the largest photo album in the world filled with contributions of the Portuguese people showing what they love about their country.


Travel & Tourism