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Happy Birthday Italia!

Happy Birthday Italia!

Ferrero is celebrating Italy’s 150th anniversary by  launching limited edition patriotic packaging for two of its most historic products, Nutella and TicTac.

Why it matters

In an increasingly globalized society with international brands common on our store shelves, is it becoming more important for brands to signpost and celebrate their provenance?

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The energy zone is a Red Bull visibility tool, highlighting the energy drink shelves in store. It aims to increase the visibility of the energy drink category in store by framing Red Bull amongst  other energy drink brands. The display has been placed in 3 cities in the South of France and raised the sales of the category by 30 - 40%. The brand plans to roll out the display in 200 other supermarkets in France.

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Beer for specific occasions

The beer company Heineken has launched an online application called ‘Your Heineken’, which allows consumers to customise their beer bottles with messages and photos. There are up to 32 available designs in six different categories: colors, celebration, party, “just to say to you…”, sports and summer. The format is a “six pack”. A box of six bottles that will be delivered in 12 days.

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