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The handy digital butler

The handy digital butler

Your Smart Butler allows you to order food and drinks at restaurants and hotels straight from and to your table without needing a waiter. Simply scan the QR code of your menu, log your order and everything will be sent directly to the establishment’s point of sale system.

Why it matters

This is a great example of how smartphones and technology can be used to make ordering easy and make service faster, but does it necessarily make it better? The service industry usually relies on people to be part of the experience, so can removing the middleman (the waiter) and replacing him with technology actually improve the service?

Food & Drink
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The famous Parisian concept store Colette has launched the ‘Lunch Box’ : it is composed of a tofu burger, fresh vegetables, a bottle of Vitamin water and a desert. From the form of the food to the packaging, the Lunch Box copies all the codes of the fast food category. It is only sold at Colette, and deliveries made only in the trendy 1st district of Paris.

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Food & Drink
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Food & Drink