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Handbag facelift

Handbag facelift

“Spa4Bag” is a wellness center for bags which offers care services to give a new life to that much loved – but battered – handbag . There’s even a first-aid service!

Why it matters

Even our products need to go on vacation nowadays. Is this the start of a new concept catering for a generation that places more and more importance on their personal belongings?

Well Being
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A Russian design agency shared a sketch of what the local police cars should look like. This was a personal initiative, however the web page with the proposed design received a considerable amount of traffic.

Fashion & Design
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Hatem Alakeel is a Saudi designer who has come up with a unique  collection for the traditional Gulf outfit. The collection “Toby” features unique designs inspired by Andy Worhol, football and even the American President Barack Obama.

Fashion & Design
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