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Get out of the sun app

Get out of the sun app

The i-phone app Sun Alert Lite calculates how long tan-lovers can stay in the sun. Users type in their skin type, the SPF of applied sun cream and the actual weather conditions. The app buzzes a warning when it is time to go back into the shade.

Why it matters

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA), skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. Taking this into account, such reminder apps may help prevent serious health troubles. Will personal health management apps revolutionize the health system –putting the control back in consumers hands?

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Medo de Voar (Fear of Flying) is an app that helps people suffering from aviatophobia control their fears. It does this by providing an explanation for the noises and vibrations of the plane as well give information on security measures that can be taken to feel safer. It also proposes exercises to lower stress levels.

Well Being
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Following on the heels of WebMd and other medical diagnosis websites, patients are now turning to the internet to look for answers about which type of surgery or cosmetic procedure is right for them; and are now finding it easier to go online for advice from real physicians. The patients describe their issue, fill out a brief medical history, and upload pictures of the area they want treated.  Within 24 hours, they receive a response from a local surgeon offering their suggestion and what it will cost. Then, at the patient’s leisure, they respond and set up a face-to-face appointment. Each online consultation costs $50; when an appointment has been agreed, the site allows both parties to swap contact information.

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