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Get out of the sun app

Get out of the sun app

The i-phone app Sun Alert Lite calculates how long tan-lovers can stay in the sun. Users type in their skin type, the SPF of applied sun cream and the actual weather conditions. The app buzzes a warning when it is time to go back into the shade.

Why it matters

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA), skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. Taking this into account, such reminder apps may help prevent serious health troubles. Will personal health management apps revolutionize the health system –putting the control back in consumers hands?

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Better breathing

An estimated 5,000 people with asthma end up in hospital each day. A number of those hospital visits could be avoided; as many as 75% of patients are using their inhalers improperly.
Cambridge Consultants developed the T-Haler, a device designed to help asthma suffers better monitor their use of their inhaler. Fitted with Wi-Fi and sensors, the T-Haler feeds back real-time usage data. The design firm claims that, with just three minutes of training with the T-Haler, proper use of inhalers skyrockets from 20% to 60%.
The prototype also uses gamification to encourage proper use of the tool.

When Durex synchronises music and sex

To promote its new condom range “Performax Intense Mutual Climax” helping couples to get in sync, the brand Durex launched a new advert showing vinyl records and turntables representing men and women. Each turntable plays a song and when the two songs are synchronized, the viewer discovers the famous Marvin Gaye’s classic hit “Let’s get it on”. The brand developed a Facebook app where a team of players has to slow down or speed up songs to be in sync.

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