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Forget Platinum, here's a Green card

Forget Platinum, here's a Green card

Caixa Geral de Depósitos has released a Zero Carbon Card,  a unique bank card that gives its holders special benefits for the purchase of goods and services that are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. A solution that aims to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and, at the same time, to reward consumers for contributing to a healthier world. The card also gives CO2 credits, meaning that the amount of money saved in the cash back programme is used in energy saving or energy efficient projects, generating credits that compensate for its owners’ inevitable emissions.

Why it matters

A long term bank card loyalty programme that not only creates reasons for usage but rewards ethical behaviour therefore providing a further reason not to switch cards. Will such multi-layered benefits be a block against rate chasing switchers?

Financial Services
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In Japan, the Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank will offer card free ATM machines. Using only your pin code and your birthdate, the ATM will scan the palm of your hand to verify your identity. The bank offers this service to make sure you can always withdraw money, whether you forgot your wallet, you lost your card or you’ve been caught in a natural disaster.

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Financial Services
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Cash machines with instructions in Cockney rhyming slang are now available in east London.  People using ATMs will be asked to enter their Huckleberry Finn, rather than their PIN, and will have to select how much sausage and mash they want. The rhyming slang prompts will be available from five ATMs in east London for three months.

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