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Food for thought

Food for thought

‘Food Design Probes’ is a research project by Philips. They have developed ideas based on predictions of how we will eat and source our food in 15 to 20 years. And in that vision, they created three concept products: the Nutrition Monitor, the Food Printer and the Biosphere Home Farm.

Why it matters

Innovation is no longer only about forthcoming product development. Does the Food Design Probe project indicate that companies must pioneer wilder more exotic initiatives beyond their own business plan to show they really care about the future?

Food & Drink
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Restaurants all across the country are now boasting foraged foods as part of their menus. Chefs and professional “foragers” are heading into the woods to bring back wild produce for the restaurant table.

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The Portuguese delicatessen brand Nobre has launched a new Christmas Facebook campaign aiming at bringing an emigrant back to Portugal for the holidays. Participants are required to write the story of a relative or friend who has emigrated and the best one will be offered a plane ticket to come home for Christmas.

Australia's ice cream brand Bulla Creamy Classics has gone a step further by having teams of reporters in London and New York looking for competitors, as well as a booth in London's Victoria station for Australians to record a message explaining why they should win the prize.

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