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A flight that goes all the way

A flight that goes all the way

A private American airline company is offering passengers a special packaged flight that could get them in the Mile High Club.  Flamingo Air has launched the ‘Flight of Fancy’ taking couples on an hour flight which includes a double bed, a bottle of champagne,  and “one very discreet pilot”. 

Why it matters

Some would say that joining the Mile High Club loses all of its fun and appeal if it’s condoned. Despite this, this airline is catering to a curious audience that may well consider taking up the offer and eventually increase sales.  Are there other categories where businesses should indulge their potential customers – no matter how naughty the need?

Travel & Tourism
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Put your head down...in the clouds

The One by Five hotel in Paris is unique in its design. The whole hotel is meant to make guests feel like in a dream world. Every wall and floor is covered with photo-canvas full of stars and clouds, while beds, mirrors and lights give the impressions that they are floating. The overall design gives guests the feeling of an endless and surreal space.

Travel & Tourism
Alp apps

Aramón Group and Movistar have released a mobile app for ski resorts in Spain: Snow&Go. The app allows you to geotag skiers and locate the position of your friends. It also includes real time ski information including the status of the slopes, weather and snow quality.

Travel & Tourism