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Finding support with #Boobstagram

Finding support with #Boobstagram

The site Boobstagram.fr invites women to upload a picture of their breasts using the social media platform Instagram. The site aims to raise awareness about prevention of breast cancer. They’ve managed to build a fan base on Facebook and Twitter by targeting young connected people with an unconventional and irreverent message: “Showing your breasts on the internet is fine, but showing them to your doctor is better.”

Why it matters

Anti-smoking campaigns often use shocking, humorous or informative approaches to get their message across. Is provocation the way forward to raise awareness and gain support when discussing public health issues?

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People who suffer from sleep apnea – a sleep disorder characterised  by abnormal pauses in breathing – now have a new device that could help them get a better night’s sleep. Japanese scientists have developed a teddy bear shaped pillow (called Jukusi-kun) that monitors a person’s frequency of breath and blood oxygen levels. The bear then wakes them up with a “paw move” to correct their sleeping position.

Well Being
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Garnier has decided to take advantage of the Spanish victory in the football World Cup to promote its new deodorant Garnier Mineral. They have created an online Mexican wave in an attempt to break the world record. Spanish internet users have been asked to extend the wave over 48 hours (the same hours the deodorant gives you protection). They have to record themselves doing the wave and upload the video to www.haz-la-ola.es. By taking part they are in with the chance of winning a trip to Haiti.