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For the first time in Turkey, an eye hospital is giving patients instant online access to personalised advice and information. With World Eye Center’s chat service, it’s possible to connect to its corporate website at any time of day or night and click on “CHAT NOW” to ask questions about eye health.  

Why it matters

Online services are increasingly replicating the human relationship reserved for face-to-face contact, but with the benefit of 24/7 access. Is the health industry another industry where online personal assistance will start rivalling the traditional service touch points?  

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DIY operations

To highlight the necessity of an efficient healthcare system and the risks of self medication, the NGO Doctors of the World released a series of videos describing how to treat injuries and diseases with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour. For example, one video features how one should heal a broken shinbone with a sander and a staple gun. Another video explains how you can remove a decayed tooth with an electric drill and a hairdryer.

Fit in the city

Rent-a-Fun is a small bike rental company that has repositioned its offering from tourism to health. The idea came from a local baker who used Rent-a-Fun for half and hours exercise cycling in Lisbon. There is no gym membership or other hidden costs besides the €3.50 for a class of 45 to 60 minutes – that includes the bicycles, necessary equipment and a nutrition consultation.

Well Being