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The everyone economy: community ideas for growth

The everyone economy: community ideas for growth

In Ireland, a new initiative called the Ideas Campaign is drawing upon public and collective innovation in order to solicit ideas for economic recovery. 19 key areas including manufacturing, technology, construction, retail and education are being addressed. The campaign is an independent and non-political effort  and coordinators will use the ideas to deliver an action plan to government. In just the first five days more than 1,200 proposals were submitted.

Why it matters

Collaboration and consumer input have long been harnessed by brands to make their customers feel significant. This biggest brand of all, the Government, have rarely taken this need and acted on it. With consumers acting on their desire to have their say – and have it heard, could an open government become more of a reality?

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United Kingdom
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Crowdsourcing urban planning

In Rotterdam you can now help liven up an area mainly used for businesses and by cars. Donations between € 25 and € 1,250 are used to build a wooden walking bridge to open up the area for pedestrians.

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The app that gives you food for thought

Food waste and hunger are serious problems that lie adjacent to one another. One is driven by over-abundance while the latter is driven by the prevalence of poverty. Flashfood is an app created by Arizona State University students that lets restaurants and cafes alert local charitable organizations that they have extra food they could pick-up for local shelters.

By using smartphones, the app can address a small part of the hunger crisis, by alerting interested recipients when and where there is new food to donate, while cutting down on the needless disposal of perfectly edible food.

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