Financial Services (105)

Everyday content for an everyday brand

Everyday content for an everyday brand

ING Direct has entered into a partnership with Yahoo to create a new content channel on finance. Accessible via the homepage, “Monnaie Time”, the channel delivers exclusive articles and solutions to common financial questions and concerns.

Why it matters

Anchored into everyday life (thanks to Yahoo), this service has the potential to reverse the sometimes distant and corporate image of banking. Will we see other branded content channels spring up online as other financial brands attempt their own version?

Financial Services
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İş Bank has introduced biological identity point of sale machines. İş bank credit card customers can now shop without entering  their personal identification number. They simply need to touch a pos machine with their fingertip to shop easily and safely. It’s the first application of it’s kind all over the world.

Instant Gratification
Financial Services
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Meet Dave the fortune-teller, he discovers all the private details of his visitors life. The incredible power of Dave even revealed the persons intimate credit card numbers and cash flow history. By the end of the session the magic was revealed; Dave was in microphone contact with a group of hackers hiding behind a curtain. The stunt was put on by Fabelfin bank to build awareness around the need for vigilance and caution when using Internet banking.

Financial Services