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Everyday content for an everyday brand

Everyday content for an everyday brand

ING Direct has entered into a partnership with Yahoo to create a new content channel on finance. Accessible via the homepage, “Monnaie Time”, the channel delivers exclusive articles and solutions to common financial questions and concerns.

Why it matters

Anchored into everyday life (thanks to Yahoo), this service has the potential to reverse the sometimes distant and corporate image of banking. Will we see other branded content channels spring up online as other financial brands attempt their own version?

Financial Services
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Credit for the crowd

The new Barclaycard Ring Mastercard is the world’s first ‘social credit card’, designed through its user community. The simple low-rate card combines social media, online banking and financial education tools to create a credit card managed and optimized through its user community, where its profits and losses as a card are made public.

Financial Services
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The pre-pay revolution

Financial services brands Intesa San Paolo  and Unicredit  have launched ‘Superflash’ and ‘Genius’ respectively – yet more examples of the pay-as-you-go banking movement. Such cards aim to provide all the benefits and  services associated with traditional banking and enable consumers to better track and manage spending.

Financial Services