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Enter the mom cave

Enter the mom cave

The ‘mental health regime’ is the newest thing in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. In line with this, women are transforming spaces in their homes to create sanctuaries or areas to call their own, often referred to as ‘Mom Caves.’ The contents and designs of the room vary; the only requirement is that they reflect `mom’s hobbies, interests and create a comforting cocoon.

Why it matters

Moms are used to making sacrifices for their families. It goes with the territory. But, they are also learning that to be selfless sometimes you need to be a little bit selfish. Buying products specifically to create these special hideaways speaks to an emerging attitude: moms want not only to express themselves, but are also taking the time (and money) to put themselves first. Will we see a change in health and beauty brands communications to women that acknowledge the mom cave attitude?

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