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Eating for charity

Eating for charity

The Project “Cozinha com Alma” (Cook/Kitchen with Soul) is a solidarity take-away initiative where all the profits go to provide a social grant to support middle and lower-middle class families in deep financial difficulties. The families have been selected by the local authority social commission.

Why it matters

In the current financial and social crisis where people are carefully selecting how they spend their money, this can be a way of starting or expanding a business. By sponsoring these type of solidarity businesses, big brands can effectively contribute to social causes not with money but with their own products as well. How can businesses contribute in a more direct way - and on a local level -  during hard economic times?

Social Cause
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Social Media isn’t just changing the game in the for-profit world; it’s also the future of fundraising for non-profits.  The scaleability of social networks makes them the perfect place for building broad-based support.  Virtual volunteering is just as attractive to supporters, because, well, it’s easy.   Without even leaving your laptop or smartphone, you can spread a message, vote for a cause, sign a petition, or make a donation. Disaster relief in Haiti is one of the most recent examples. Donating is as easy as texting the word “haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the  Red Cross.  Twitter users spread the word, making it the most tweeted message in the days following the earthquake. 

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