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Driving the wave

Driving the wave

Tell me your favourite song and carmaker Jeep will tell you where to drive. The car manufacturer developed an interesting online concept in Spain called “Drive your track”. Users are asked to upload their favourite song, then special technology reads the sound wave generated and finds a landscape that matches the shape of the wave. With a further click, users can discover the route to reach their destination and useful information about the places they may see along the way.

Why it matters

People have emotional connections with music. So mixing different categories to create a new kind of experience may reinforce the connection they have with the product itself. Is this kind of combination enough to differentiate your brand within a highly competitive market?

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Mobile-controlled cars (well, nearly.)

Electric cars are turning heads at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and in 2010 we’ll finally see electric car models from Chevrolet and Nissan hitting dealer lots.  But excitement is building around one of the Chevy Volt’s tangential features – the ability to control the car’s functions form your mobile phone.  Chevy has developed an app for iPhone, Blackberry, and Droid that lets you monitor the car’s battery charge, lock & unlock the doors, even remote-start from your phone.

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Fiat fuels sales with fixed petrol prices

The car brand Fiat has developed an interesting initiative to help their Italian consumers. Because higher and higher fuel prices may have put off potential customers from buying a new car, the carmaker is fixing petrol prices at 1 euro per litre for the next 3 years for all new Fiat customers.