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Downtime speed read

Downtime speed read

In the Netherlands “Vertragingsapp” (or the ‘Delay’ app) offers you short stories on your mobile device based on the time of your delay on public transportation. After you have entered the expected time delay, you can browse stories from well-known authors and read it within that time.

Why it matters

Whilst the app promotes authors, it also caters to consumers by tailoring media to their everyday needs. Is this a new trend whereby TV show lengths may be reduced to 15 minutes or where movies will need to include intermissions for today’s time-poor audiences? Are there other services or products that would be better suited to consumers if they took into account time restraints?

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Italian TV network TG1 Rai has launched a News channel called ‘Il TG1 sei tu’ (which translates as ‘the TG1 is you’). All news on the channel is user- generated and viewers are encouraged not just to watch but to participate by sharing their stories, suggestions, ideas and commentary on current affairs.

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