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Don't leave home without it

Don't leave home without it

ZOMM is a Bluetooth key ring that prevents you from forgetting your mobile phone. It starts to vibrate and light up when it gets too far from your mobile phone. Additionally it manages incoming calls and comes with a pre-installed “panic button” for emergencies.

Why it matters

What three things don’t people leave home without? Money, keys and their mobile. The growth of internet, social networking and apps on mobile phones has made them an integral part of our daily lives. What new ways will brands find to enter our daily lives via the digital devices we are become increasingly dependent on?

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Sonim have invented the first-ever nearly indestructible mobile phone, which is now on sale in Britain. The Enduro is the only phone that’s been engineered for people who work outdoors, having been tested and proven capable of withstanding extreme environmental and industrial conditions. Resistant to water, humidity and dirt, it’s even been approved for military use.

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