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Don't leave home without it

Don't leave home without it

ZOMM is a Bluetooth key ring that prevents you from forgetting your mobile phone. It starts to vibrate and light up when it gets too far from your mobile phone. Additionally it manages incoming calls and comes with a pre-installed “panic button” for emergencies.

Why it matters

What three things don’t people leave home without? Money, keys and their mobile. The growth of internet, social networking and apps on mobile phones has made them an integral part of our daily lives. What new ways will brands find to enter our daily lives via the digital devices we are become increasingly dependent on?

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Gmail goes offline on SMS

Google has launched a Gmail SMS service that allows people to send emails from their SMS-enabled phones with no need for an internet connection.  Furthermore, Google isn’t charging for the service, so users only need to pay their usual mobile service fee. Gmail SMS is currently only available in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

Instant Gratification
One World
Future design by telephone

Swiss furniture manufacturer mSHAPE are now enabling consumers to design their own tables using their mobile phones. By downloading a mobile application from the mSHAPE website  consumers can “sculpt” a computer-generated image of the table, choosing dimensions, materials and colours. These parameters are then transmitted to the computer-controlled production facility for manufacture.