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Don't go cracking this good egg

Don't go cracking this good egg

Eggy is a new product that essentially puts eggs in a can. Produced in Italy, the canister contains six beaten eggs ready to be sprayed in a pan. The product is said to save time and guarantee that you will never come back home with broken eggs in your shopping bag. Unlike boxed eggs, Eggy does not have an expiration date and can be kept unrefrigerated for up to six months.

Why it matters

While some consumers may have doubts about a product such as this one, is the future of FMCG and regular commodities simply about reframing how they are presented to make them more convenient and practical?

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Food & Drink

Bio Outdoor is a reusable bottle made of organic plastic and, if placed under composting conditions, biodegrades within six months. Produced by Berg Outdoor, the 500 ml bottle won the gold medal in the ‘High Ecological and Sustainable Value’ category at the OutDoor Industry Awards.

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