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Digital thermostat

Digital thermostat

The energy company Essent offers customers a free E-thermostat when they subscribe to a 3-year contract for green energy. This allows them to remotely set the house’s temperature via their smartphone or tablet devices. Also, thanks to a built-in motion sensor, the heating is automatically turned off when you leave a room allowing consumers to save energy and money.

Why it matters

 Consumers are looking for ways to improve their carbon footprint in easy and effective ways. They are also looking for ways to save on their energy expenses as prices have soared. Essent taps in to this by offering their customers an easy to use product that allows you to take control and save. How can other companies help their customers save money and help save the planet?

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Subway flat

During one week, Ikea created a pop-up apartment in a Parisian subway station and hired 5 people to live in it. Commuters could follow their lifestyles in real-time but also online, thanks to a dedicated Facebook page. The 54m² apartment was equipped only with Ikea’s furniture. Next to it, the brand made the exact duplicate of the apartment in which people could enter to discover Ikea’s furniture.

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Houses can go backwards

After many months without finding a buyer for his home, David Garcia decided to launch tupisoporuneuro.com , where potential buyers can bid for his house via reverse auction. The bids have a minimum of 1 euro and a maximum of 150 euros and the winner is whoever makes the lowest bid that is not repeated. The scheme works by charging bidders per bid allowing the operator to recoup the cost of the property and auction process.

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