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Digital thermostat

Digital thermostat

The energy company Essent offers customers a free E-thermostat when they subscribe to a 3-year contract for green energy. This allows them to remotely set the house’s temperature via their smartphone or tablet devices. Also, thanks to a built-in motion sensor, the heating is automatically turned off when you leave a room allowing consumers to save energy and money.

Why it matters

 Consumers are looking for ways to improve their carbon footprint in easy and effective ways. They are also looking for ways to save on their energy expenses as prices have soared. Essent taps in to this by offering their customers an easy to use product that allows you to take control and save. How can other companies help their customers save money and help save the planet?

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House & Home
Setting the mood

Apple is exploring new mood-sensing media software that chooses music and videos based on how you’re feeling.  The sensor could be part of a device’s touchscreen panel, where it would gather data to compare with a set of mood data.  The system would then play music to either counteract a bad mood, or enhance a good mood.

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