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Designers take on agencies

Designers take on agencies

Design-for-money is a platform where designers and clients can connect without an agency. How does it work? Clients send out a brief which individual designers are invited to answer. The designer who submits the most promising work is invited to work on the project.

Why it matters

The advertising landscape is changing quickly and dramatically with many challenges the need for traditional agencies. How will we see agencies react and adapt to ensure future survival?

Business Services
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Competition to win a job

DECO’ is an initiative that facilitates the creation of mutually profitable contracts between up-and-coming designers and established companies. The project takes the form of a competition where the winning designer’s concepts are taken forward by the company in question, along with a contract for ongoing support and help with business planning.

Business Services
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In Germany, Volkswagen recently decided to improve the work-life balance of its employees by disabling the receipt of work emails outside of working hours. All other functions of the smartphone are not affected, so it still can be used as normal.

Business Services
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