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Data made beautiful

Data made beautiful

More and more news and information sources are turning to infographics to display complex data in a simple, visual way. Infographics have become one of the most ‘dugg’ types of content on Digg.com, meaning people don’t just want to get information this way, they want to share it. This infographic from engadget.com displays a recap of the days stories by time and level of interest based on comments.

Why it matters

Audiences have access to more information than ever, but they need tools to help them sort through it. How can brands display information in a beautifully simple way, that readers will understand and be inspired to share?

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News that keeps you right in the loop

This disruptive tactic pulls the conversation back to the producer (artist) by allowing consumers (listeners) to participate through user generated content. Eskup is an interactive area on El Pais’ newspaper site that allows journalists, readers and experts to debate, share and learn about topics of interest. You can ask the experts questions or write your own replies. It is linked to your social media networks and constantly updates them with new advice and opinion.

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W gives you whatever, whenever

W Hotels Worldwide is re-launching its founding Whatever/Whenever" philosophy with five new experiential offerings sure to turn the most discerning travelers into believers. Starting April 17th, guests who have long been used to getting whatever they want, whenever they want it, will be able to access new services by pressing the Whatever/Whenever button on their hotel phone. Luxuries like luggage free travel, thoughtful pillow menus, portable snacks for the plane ride home will be some of the services on offer. This service is going to first be made available in W Hotel İstanbul.

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