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The customer is always right

The customer is always right

Finnair airlines has started a campaign to “give voice” to its clients and listen to what they have to say about its offer. For that, the company has opened a selection period to choose the four “quality hunters” that, for two months, will fly through the routes the company covers in Europe, Asia and US. They’ll evaluate the flights, airports and destinations and they’ll write their opinions on a blog.

Why it matters

Consumers are gaining control as their points of view become accessible to all online. Brands that successfully adapt to embrace this shift in control will win amongst consumers. What other ways will brands seek and promote their customers’ opinions online?

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Tourism or human rights. You choose!

Reporters Without Borders launched a new ad campaign to denounce censorship in some of the world’s top tourist destinations. The charity launched a website named “censorship paradise” that aims to increase public awareness about freedom of speech and human right issues in many countries.

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All-in-One:trailer, tent, boat

“Sealander” is a camping trailer that transforms into a tent and a boat. There are benches and beds; the interior can also be moved and swapped around to form the kitchen, complete with sink, fridge and heater. The roof can also be peeled back for a night under the stars.

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