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Crowdsourcing urban planning

Crowdsourcing urban planning

In Rotterdam you can now help liven up an area mainly used for businesses and by cars. Donations between € 25 and € 1,250 are used to build a wooden walking bridge to open up the area for pedestrians.

Why it matters

Citizens are taking responsibility for their own living spaces. They crowd fund money and build structures they feel they need and are supported by the city council. How can we continue to improve our living conditions with the people we share space with?

Social Cause
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Social Cause
Poke your donor

‘Ajudar a Marta’ (Helping Marta) is a Facebook page created by Marta’s parents to help find a compatible bone marrow donor for their 4-year old daughter suffering from leukaemia. In just a few days, Marta’s page gathered more than 14,500 fans and  created an unprecedented wave of support  all over Portugal and other countries. A happy side-effect of this was that the number of blood and bone marrow donors across Portugal significantly increased, with donations being organized in companies, schools, fire departments, and other institutions.

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