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Crowdsourcing urban planning

Crowdsourcing urban planning

In Rotterdam you can now help liven up an area mainly used for businesses and by cars. Donations between € 25 and € 1,250 are used to build a wooden walking bridge to open up the area for pedestrians.

Why it matters

Citizens are taking responsibility for their own living spaces. They crowd fund money and build structures they feel they need and are supported by the city council. How can we continue to improve our living conditions with the people we share space with?

Social Cause
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Extraordinary measures

The Extraordinaries iPhone app is the latest example of crowd-sourcing for the common good. Using this app, folks with five minutes or less to spare, can log in and help out at the click of a button. Whether it’s tagging images for a local museum or taking photos of the street you’re on for the city planner, it’s all about giving what you can, when you can.

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