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Credit for the crowd

Credit for the crowd

The new Barclaycard Ring Mastercard is the world’s first ‘social credit card’, designed through its user community. The simple low-rate card combines social media, online banking and financial education tools to create a credit card managed and optimized through its user community, where its profits and losses as a card are made public.

Why it matters

Barclaycard applies extreme transparency to what is typically a highly guarded category. The card depends on a single behavioural principle - the better users are about paying their bill, the more the card profits. The card’s Giveback programme lets users have a portion of the earnings as thanks for their participation. How can murkier categories like finance start using this type of high-transparency model as a means of creating consumer trust? What are other behavioural-driven solutions like this one can create consumer investment not only in the brand, but also in its profitability?

Financial Services
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Financial Services
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Financial Services