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Compal pulls out all the (bus) stops

Compal pulls out all the (bus) stops

Compal, a Portuguese juice and smoothie company, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. To mark the event, some bus stops in Lisbon have been transformed into traditional Portuguese houses to advertise its 60 years in business and promote the launch of new products.

Why it matters

Advertising in bus stops is nothing new. However, by turning the bus stops into a typical Portuguese house, the brand achieves its purpose  by reminding customers, in a pleasant and non-intrusive way, that the product is local and rooted in tradition. Are transforming bus stops into experiential installations a more effective way of marketing to potential customers?

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Carrefour on your mobile phone

Carrefour on your mobile phone:
Thanks to Via Michelin Mobile Locator, Carrefour offers a global solution of geolocation (Internet + Mobile Internet) to their customers so they can search by proximity, Carrefour shops via their mobile phones with GPRS access. They can  locate the nearest store to where the user is and get the simplest route to go, including the possibility of exporting the location of its stores to any GPS device.

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