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Coat hangers

Coat hangers

Active Furniture, a project by Spanish designers Virginia Pol, Ferran Lajara and Cristina Guardiola, uses counter-intuitive design as an antidote to our increasingly sedentary lives. They require a level of exertion on the user's part to function, like the too-high coat hanger, which has climbing holds imbedded into the wall to reach it.

Why it matters

As our lives become increasingly sedentary, brands are promoting their products beyond purely functional roles to ones that benefit consumer wellbeing. How can other house and home brands start contributing to these bigger roles in consumers’ lives, such as health, mind and mood?

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Setting the mood

Apple is exploring new mood-sensing media software that chooses music and videos based on how you’re feeling.  The sensor could be part of a device’s touchscreen panel, where it would gather data to compare with a set of mood data.  The system would then play music to either counteract a bad mood, or enhance a good mood.

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Like this lick of paint

Paint company Cin developed a Facebook app named Colour Maker and invited fans to collaborate and create a selection of new colours for the brand. The brand then launched a catalogue of the top 25 colours with information about their creator and where the new colours could be purchased.

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