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Coat hangers

Coat hangers

Active Furniture, a project by Spanish designers Virginia Pol, Ferran Lajara and Cristina Guardiola, uses counter-intuitive design as an antidote to our increasingly sedentary lives. They require a level of exertion on the user's part to function, like the too-high coat hanger, which has climbing holds imbedded into the wall to reach it.

Why it matters

As our lives become increasingly sedentary, brands are promoting their products beyond purely functional roles to ones that benefit consumer wellbeing. How can other house and home brands start contributing to these bigger roles in consumers’ lives, such as health, mind and mood?

Well Being
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Environ-mental development

Dyrup has developed a range of paints that are not only solvent-free and safe for nurseries but will also, it claims, impact the behaviour and development of babies’ visual acuity. The range is grouped into three families: well-being; calming and stimulating.  Environments can then be constructed in a way that optimises babies’ mental development.

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Technology meets eco-simplicity

In a country where the scarcity of electricity in rural areas impacts adoption of modern appliances, a rural innovator has designed appliances that give modern benefits without the use of electricity, and at an attractive price (US$ 50). Mitticool is a refrigerator that uses terracotta clay to cool naturally. The products offer a unique solution to homes across rural India and have already piqued the interest of tech biggies such as Bosch & Siemens.

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