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Clocking Facebook likes on the store rack

Clocking Facebook likes on the store rack

Fashion brand C&A launched the "Like Fashion” operation, that connects the stores with the brand’s Facebook page.  Every time a fan of the brand likes a clothing item online, the ‘like’ is recorded on the clothes hanger located at the point of sale in real-time.

Why it matters

This is a clever way to create a direct link between the store experience and the digital one. It also creates a real sense of community, by getting people to share their views about the fashion line and for the store to be completely transparent about the response. What other tool can we use to create a link between digital and real life experience ?

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Fashion & Design
Celebrate the moment

Fashion and Dining are two more categories reflecting the Experience meta trend, where moments have become more valuable than objects.  The physical things we’ve accumulated have almost become a mocking reminder of pre-recession indiscretionary spending.  Now, consumers are less and less inclined to spend money on physical things, instead favouring experiential goods.  Cafes, restaurants and takeout food actually saw a sales increase in Q409, while other retailing was down.  Rental services for high-end designer goods also continues to grow, letting consumers feel luxurious for an evening, without the regret of a worn-once dress in the closet.  And when we do purchase goods – we want them to come with a story.  Take hisptery.com.  The German site lets users fill out a personal profile quiz, then it selects a t-shirt for them from popular retailers like Threadless.  You don’t know what t-shirt you got until it arrives in a mysterious brown paper bag.

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