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A cleaning tag

A cleaning tag

A new campaign by the French government has made its mark on some of Paris’ walls. Called the ‘clean tag concept’, social messages are stencilled on walls by cleaning  the surfaces rather than painting them. It promotes messages about social issues (helping the homeless), cultural issues(restoring historic monuments) and environmental issues(making the city cleaner).

Why it matters

By using tags in a “clean” perspective, the French state has taken into account the need for the communication format to match the message conveyed. When it comes to social causes, is making the most of urban culture the key to bringing further awareness to a younger audience?

Social Cause
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The future of fundraising: "virtual volunteerism"

Social Media isn’t just changing the game in the for-profit world; it’s also the future of fundraising for non-profits.  The scaleability of social networks makes them the perfect place for building broad-based support.  Virtual volunteering is just as attractive to supporters, because, well, it’s easy.   Without even leaving your laptop or smartphone, you can spread a message, vote for a cause, sign a petition, or make a donation. Disaster relief in Haiti is one of the most recent examples. Donating is as easy as texting the word “haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the  Red Cross.  Twitter users spread the word, making it the most tweeted message in the days following the earthquake. 

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Smart art supports children

A Portuguese company, Logoplaste, and Smart combined their creativity to offer CADin – an innovative fundraising initiative to supports children with learning difficulties. The Smart Art campaign involved companies buying a Smart car and donating it to an art auction. Well known Portuguese artists were invited to customise the cars with their artwork. The cars toured shopping centres and other public places throughout Portugal, raising public awareness for the activities of CADin.

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