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Chameleon design

Chameleon design

It is very hard to stay connected with ever-changing fashion trends. And it can be very expensive too! When clothes go out of fashion (or when we get bored with them) we tend to throw them away or donate them to charity. To make the most of our wardrobe, Dutch designer Fioen van Balgooi developed an ink that can be applied and removed from clothing. When you are tired of your prints - or when they go out of style- simply remove them by washing them with a special product and replace them with new ones.

Why it matters

This is a great way of using technology to help people overcome a real life issue. Not only does it help them stay fashionable, but it also allows them to save money. What can we do to help our consumers make the most out of the products we sell them?

Fashion & Design
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Fashion & Design
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Fashion & Design
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