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CEO social

CEO social

The consultancy firm CapGemini, in partnership with the financial news site Les Echos, launched a website entitled "Technology: Accelerator of Growth."
Readers can get information on different forms of technology that are crucial for the present and the future. The articles are written by top managers across various industries while other business personalities are interviewed on video about their relationship with technology.

Why it matters

Using new technology on a daily basis does not mean we realise its impact on business. This blog gives incredible tools and advice for managers from the heads of the biggest companies. How can niche businesses use social networks to improve their relationship with their customers?

Business Services
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There's no cooperation like eco-cooperation

“The hub” in Milan is a “home” where the hubbers work together in the same space: a club of entrepreneurs with the same objective - to realise ecological and ethical projects.

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One World

The Poko company has introduced a unique advertising format that consists of planting more than 100,000 flowers in a field of over 10,000 square meters. This type of advertising targets air travelers.
At the moment, it is only available at “El Prat” airport (Barcelona). The company is also negotiating to hire advertising land next to the main Spanish airports.

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