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From centerfold to center stage

From centerfold to center stage

Pop-Up Magazine describes itself as “the world's first live magazine, created for a stage, a screen, and a live audience. Each issue exists only for one night.” The content is like the best issue of The New Yorker - an eclectic collection of pieces showcasing interesting writers, documentary filmmakers, photographers, and radio producers, together, on stage, sharing short moments of unseen, unheard work.

Why it matters

How could your brand take familiar concepts, put them in a different context and turn the familiar into something more unconventional and interesting?

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The new Vitality Sensor for Wii monitors heart rate to analyse the user‘s health on a daily basis. Furthermore, there are plans to use the heart rate as an indicator of whether a fitness game should get more intense or less as you are playing.

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QR advent calendar

Telecommunication company TMN launched a television Christmas campaign using QR codes. Once registered online, viewers can try to win several prizes (from smartphones to tablets) in an online advent calendar. The campaign is also promoted on three-dimensional billboards equipped with motion and sound detectors.

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