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From centerfold to center stage

From centerfold to center stage

Pop-Up Magazine describes itself as “the world's first live magazine, created for a stage, a screen, and a live audience. Each issue exists only for one night.” The content is like the best issue of The New Yorker - an eclectic collection of pieces showcasing interesting writers, documentary filmmakers, photographers, and radio producers, together, on stage, sharing short moments of unseen, unheard work.

Why it matters

How could your brand take familiar concepts, put them in a different context and turn the familiar into something more unconventional and interesting?

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What is that? – video wiki

Waisda.nl (slang for ‘What is that?”) is a game created by Dutch broadcaster KRO that asks viewers to tag what is happening onscreen as they watch video material. Users receive points if they use the same tag as someone else, on the basis that this confirms the validity of the tag. The aim is to make searching for specific reference points in video material easier and more intelligent, thanks to this user input.

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From city to virtual library

In the context of a well-know German literature award, the city of Klagenfurt was converted into a virtual library featuring great pieces of literature. Seventy QR code stickers were placed all over the city. Passers-by could then scan the code to download full eBooks to their smartphones.

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