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From centerfold to center stage

From centerfold to center stage

Pop-Up Magazine describes itself as “the world's first live magazine, created for a stage, a screen, and a live audience. Each issue exists only for one night.” The content is like the best issue of The New Yorker - an eclectic collection of pieces showcasing interesting writers, documentary filmmakers, photographers, and radio producers, together, on stage, sharing short moments of unseen, unheard work.

Why it matters

How could your brand take familiar concepts, put them in a different context and turn the familiar into something more unconventional and interesting?

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Shoot. Sync. Share

Samsung launched the SH100, a digital camera that allows users to wirelessly upload photos to social networks, your online library or to an email after adding tags and comments. You can automatically back up your photos onto your PC or send them wirelessly to view on your TV.  It’s compatible with your mobile phone, allowing you to use your phone as a remote control to organise your camera content and as a remote viewfinder.

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Is green the new 'red Coke'?

Coca-Cola and WWF have put up a 60 X 60 foot billboard in Manila. The message? “This billboard absorbs air pollutants”. It’s made of thousands of Fukien tea plants surrounding the iconic shape of a Coke bottle.

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