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Cash for plastic

Cash for plastic

Lebanon’s First National Bank have recently introduced the world’s first loan specifically aimed at financing cosmetic surgery. Customers can borrow anything between $1,000-$5,000  providing applicants are in employment and under 64 years of age.

Why it matters

Select financial services brands appear to be taking personal banking to another level with the introduction of increasingly non-traditional loans for everything from infertility treatment to gastric bypasses and plastic surgery. By working to acknowledge and satiate consumers' desires, could this be a way for banks to reconnect with their estranged customers or will it drive them further away?


Financial Services
United Arab Emirates
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An internet bank client can create a virtual payment card by himself and use it immediately. As it has no tangible medium it can be used to pay on the internet. It has different requisites from the main card so it is safe to use. The client can set the limits for this card or block it at any moment.

Financial Services
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Financial Services