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Cartoon food for thought

Cartoon food for thought

A new Portuguese cartoon animation project aimed at giving healthy eating habits to children all over the world will hit the TV screens.  The series’ heroes gain superpowers from eating vegetables and other healthy foods. It will launch alongside other merchandising such as a trading card game in Portugal, Brazil, Hungary, Poland and Israel. Its creators have established partnerships with the World Health Organization, the Portuguese Education and Health Ministries, and nutritionist associations in several countries.

Why it matters

With negotiations to show it in the UK, Italy and Mexico and an interest form Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” team, this project is a perfect example of pre-launch planning, clever use of business contacts and platforms for entertainment products. But most importantly, one of its USPs is its healthy eating mission which makes it an obvious parent pleaser. In fact, its website also has a section just for the them. If parents are the ones who spend money on children’s entertainment products, how can these be also aimed at them while providing a useful tool?

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Dining detour

The newest adaptation to on-the-go consumers is the wave of mobile gourmet food trucks - not your usual hot dog and ice cream stations outside of the game.  Food is being prepared to order with top-notch culinary ingredients, rather than “held and delivered” subs and burgers.  Chefs in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago are attempting to revamp the unsanitary perceptions of food on a truck.  Chicago Chef, Matt Maroni, is even going as far as submitting law-changing proposals to allow the trend to sweep through Chicago neighborhoods, literally.

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The anti-energy drink

Slow Cow is the antithesis of Red Bull. Dubbed an anti-energy drink, extracts of tea aim to de-stress and relax overworked minds – thus cropping your wings instead of letting you fly.

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