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Caring cosmetics

Caring cosmetics
“Bio-Détox Foundation” from Bourjois is a new make-up promising a natural matte finish and a fresh and comfortable feeling on the skin. Enriched with organic chlorophyll, the foundation allows the skin to breathe and at the same time filters pollution.
Why it matters

As consumers seek to cut down on the number of cosmetic products they buy more makeup products are taking on a skin-care role too. 86% of makeup users have used a makeup product that contains a skin care benefit in the past year. How far will multifunctional cosmetics erode the traditional skin care industry and how will the market respond? 

Well Being
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Bottling tradition with a modern twist

Forest Essentials, an Indian premium cosmetics company, blends the age old recipes from the Indian ‘Ayurvedic’ medicine system and presents them in modern formulations like serums, elixirs and emulsions. Traditional formulations are not new in itself, but in most cases, the appeal of such products is limited to a niche audience. Forest Essentials has been able to strike a perfect balance and not only create a premium image but also a viable, growing business.

Beauty products on tap

GHD hair straighteners have been installed in the ladies bathroom at one of the city’s popular nightspots thanks to the Beautiful Vending Company.  Upon the payment of 10 AED [almost $3], the plates of the straightener begin to heat, allowing women to quickly touch up their hair-dos.

Instant Gratification
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