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Car auctions put in reverse

Car auctions put in reverse

Renault has started a promotion called inverse betting. It’s an online auction where it’s the person who makes the lowest, unmatched bid that gets the car. If someone else chooses the same amount, your bid is invalid.  

Why it matters

With all automobile companies promoting very “aggressive” offers and discounts, it is important to find original ways to differentiate without devaluing the brand. Renault offers a sense of occasion and experience around the promotion that leaves it feeling fun and optimistic. How can other car brands makes sales and discounts feel less desperate?    

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Car show segments by lifestyle not brand

Car show AutoRAI 2009 took a new and innovative approach to its exhibition by clustering cars into six ‘experience worlds’ instead of grouping by brand. The six sectors were Family & Travel, Cabrio (convertible), Luxury and Sports Cars, Adventure, City & Compact and Green Innovations.

App that barks up the right tree

The RodeDog app detects when motorists are attempting to drive and text at the same time. It sends a message to friends and family members who can hopefully discourage drivers from the practice.
The app works by determining if a driver is behind the wheel using the GPS functionality. Users can add friends and family to their list of people who get notified if they attempt to drive and use their phone at the same time. If they are caught doing so, friends can respond by sending alerts–audible dog barks – to remind them that they should be concentrating on the road.