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Calling all helping hands

Calling all helping hands

After an earthquake hit the city of Van in southeast Turkey, a lot of initiatives were put into place to help rebuild the devastated area. The mobile phone company Turkcell decided to contribute and support projects in the educational sector. They launched a campaign on social responsibility hoping to garner the support of people across the country to help.

Why it matters

When a natural disaster hits, there’s usually a strong sense of unity in society. While we often see people engaging and helping one another, should brands have a more important role to play to heighten social awareness?

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Social Cause
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The future of fundraising: "virtual volunteerism"

Social Media isn’t just changing the game in the for-profit world; it’s also the future of fundraising for non-profits.  The scaleability of social networks makes them the perfect place for building broad-based support.  Virtual volunteering is just as attractive to supporters, because, well, it’s easy.   Without even leaving your laptop or smartphone, you can spread a message, vote for a cause, sign a petition, or make a donation. Disaster relief in Haiti is one of the most recent examples. Donating is as easy as texting the word “haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the  Red Cross.  Twitter users spread the word, making it the most tweeted message in the days following the earthquake. 

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Give a piece of yourself

The 1% Club is an online marketplace for small charity projects, where individuals and businesses can give 1% of their time, knowledge or income to contribute directly to a project of their choice.

Social Cause